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New COVID rules create relief and questions for fully vaccinated

The new CDC guidelines allow no masks and no social distancing for fully vaccinated people even when they are inside.

INDIANAPOLIS — Fully-vaccinated people getting their lives back to a pre-COVID normal is a huge relief to Amy Schultz and her big family of siblings, in-laws, and kids.

"Since like last March, my family has been very strict," she explained. "I haven't sent my kids to school. We stayed home. My husband is working from home."

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New CDC guidelines sound great. No masks needed and no social distancing for fully-vaccinated people, even when they are inside.

But there is a concerning catch.

"I do get a little nervous like hanging around outside or inside with people you don't know and don't know if they are vaccinated," Schultz said.

Among parents and grandparents, the biggest concern is for children who are too young to be vaccinated and still at risk.

Tammy Steckbeck doesn't know who her grandson will run into.

"When we are at the playground, he needs to have his mask on, so we keep our masks on," she said.

Abby Eberhard is fully-vaccinated but worries about bringing the virus home to her two children.

"...and my mother can't be vaccinated too because of her illness," Eberhard said. "We have concern for the kids and her also."

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Fortunately, early data shows that fully-vaccinated people don't transmit the virus to others.

There is also a lot of confusion over multiple sets of rules.

Local mandates take precedence over federal guidelines. Businesses, including bars and restaurants and things like sporting events, can make their own more strict rules.

Marion County still requires masks and social distancing. Many businesses make that clear to customers.

The owners of Global Gifts have no intention of relaxing rules that require workers and customers to wear masks.

"We better be as safe as you possibly can be." said store assistant manager Gina Huff. "We here at the store are going to be wearing masks as long as we feel it's necessary to protect people."

People who are eager to beat the pandemic and get back to living.