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Colorado dog suspected of dying from blue-green algae after swimming in pond

A pet owner in Colorado is concerned her 2-year-old pup may have died after ingesting blue-green algae.

LITTLETON, Colo. (WTHR) — A pet owner in Colorado is concerned her 2-year-old pup may have died due to ingesting blue-green algae. The algae is a bacteria found in freshwater lakes, streams and ponds that can produce toxins deadly to pets.

Kayla Millemon recently took her dog, Koji, to play at a state park, where she let him off the leash and he splashed around in the park for half an hour.

"I took him home that night; he was acting a little bit strange," Millemon told KUSA. "Like he might have have been a little bit confused."

The next day, Koji's condition had worsened. Millemon said he was cold, having seizures and couldn't make eye contact.

She immediately took Koji to the vet, but he never recovered. His liver and kidneys failed, and he had a very low blood sugar — a symptom connected to the blue-green algae that has been making recent headlines in connection to multiple dog deaths.

Koji's vet couldn't confirm his exact cause of death, but did indicate it could have had something to do with playing in the water. The pond he was playing in hasn't been closed for high levels of the bacteria, and Millemon isn't certain it's connected to her dog's death, but she's still concerned.

In Indiana, the Department of Environmental Management has issued an advisory for seven lakes with high levels of blue-green algae. Swimming and boating is still allowed in the affected waters, but people should not swallow the water and should shower immediately after swimming.

For more information about blue-green algae in the state, click here.

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