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Former soccer coach gets 8-year prison sentence

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Anita Malichi/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, Feb. 13 - Richard Doucette was handcuffed and headed for prison after expressing "profound regret" for his crime against a 15-year-old boy.

A Carmel Police officer patrolling a store parking lot in July 2001 discovered Doucette in an act of sexual misconduct with his victim. Doucette also pleaded guilty to a second incident in a school parking lot.

"At the heart of all this is a very decent man having a major crisis, responding badly and in the end engaging in conduct that he found disgusting and hateful." Defense Attorney Robert Hammerle called Doucette's eight-year sentence appropriate. But in light of his position as a Carmel High School soccer coach and family friend when he committed his crime, the deputy prosecutor asked for a 30-year sentence.

Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Wehmueller says the effect on the victim has been tremendous. "He's putting his life together as best he can. There are still whispers going around, so this is something that's going to weigh heavily for the rest of his life."

Doucette's sentence will interrupt his therapy. He will again receive counseling within two years of his release.

Wehmueller says he respectfully disagrees with the judge's sentence. Judge Stephen Nation said several things balanced his decision; Doucette had no criminal history, he'd accepted responsibility and was remorseful.