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'Sandlot' series to premier on Disney+

The '90s classic movie "The Sandlot" is coming back.
Photo: Sandlot Reunion Today Show

(WTHR) — The '90s classic movie "The Sandlot" is coming back. Co-writer and director David Mickey Evans tweeted Friday "BOOM! DONE!"

"The Sandlot" series is in the works at Disney+.

Disney+ is a new video on-demand service set to be launched on November, 12, 2019.

Sandlot director David Mickey Evans recently revealed during an appearance on the podcast Rain Delay that a television series will bring back all the original cast members from the movie.

Even people who don't like baseball appreciate the plot, set in the '60s, where an outcast boy finds his place in a new neighborhood with new friends through pick-up ballgames.

Evans, who recently announced a movie prequel was also in the works, said the TV series will be set in 1984, according to SlashFilm.

The movie ended with a sequence showing where the boys ended up - but Evans doesn't say if that's the same plot the TV show will follow.