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Meet Sharon Choi, interpreter for 'Parasite' director Bong Joon Ho

Choi is earning a heap of praise for not only for her ability to quickly translate Bong's words on the awards stage, but also in how she says it.

LOS ANGELES (WTHR) — Accolades are being lauded to "Parasite" and its director, Bong Joon Ho, for their big wins at the Oscars Sunday. But a lot of praise is also being given to Sharon Choi, Bong's interpreter.

"Parasite" won four awards Sunday including Best Picture — the first international film to win the top honor — and Best Director for Bong.

While Bong was giving praises to his fellow nominees, including one to Martin Scorsese that resulted in the entire audience giving Scorsese a standing ovation, Choi remained unflappable in translating.

Choi has become somewhat of a star in her own right by accompanying Bong to interviews and awards shows, and she's a got an eye on her own career in film as a writer and director. According to CNN, Bong said after the Oscars that Choi has been working on a feature-length script.

The Guardian reports Choi, 25, is a Korean-American living in Seoul, South Korea. She's been working with Bong for less than a year. Normally, she is seen with a pad and pen in her hand as she is translating, but didn't have them while translating at the Oscars.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon in December, Choi was quick to translate Bong, getting Fallon to crack up as if the words in English came from Bong's mouth.

And that's what is drawing so much praise for Choi -- her ability to quickly convey what Bong is saying without it sounding robotic. People who watch her say she is able to bring out the proper emotion, but yet not be as animated as Bong.

The praise on social media has included a marriage proposal.