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IndyFringe underway with 64 shows

15th IndyFringe features 64 different performances through Aug. 25.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Long known as one of the main arts hubs of Indianapolis, Mass Ave will feature even more of that this week as IndyFringe continues.

The summer event features 64 different performances including comedy, cabaret, drama, magic, music, and more divided among seven different venues.

While this is the 15th year for IndyFringe, there are still a lot of people experiencing it for the first time.

"Once you've seen live theatre, honestly you're not going to want to go back to your TV or your Netflix, and get your kids off of those video games and come down and see School House Rocks, which is put on by teens for teens, and the magic is amazing, and there are many other family-friendly shows that you can take your kids out of their comfort zone — as well as you," IndyFringe CEO Pauline Moffat said.

The actors you see could very well be on their way to stardom.

"That's the excitement of Fringe — finding that next great performer that's going to make their name. It's edgy; we're really an incubator for the arts. We're unjuried and uncensored," Moffat said.

There are nearly 250 "fringes" across the world, but ours has also gained a reputation as the "friendly fringe."

"Half of those performers are housed locally. The people of Lockerbie and Cottage Homes and Chattam Arch adopt a performer for 10-14 days, and it's pretty extraordinary and long-time friendships are made," Moffat said.

Tickets for most performances are $15 for adults and $12 for students and seniors.

For complete details including schedules, click here.