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'Days of Our Lives' cast released from contracts, show going on hiatus

Is time up for "Days of Our Lives?"
The "Days Of Our Lives" cast has reportedly been released from their contracts. (NBC Affiliate Marketing)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Is time up for "Days of Our Lives"?

The entire cast just got released from their contracts, TMZ reported.

TMZ confirmed the producers of the soap opera let all their actors out of their contracts, meaning they're all free to get new jobs.

The NBC soap opera, which has been on the air for 55 years, is going on indefinite hiatus, according to TMZ.

The good news is the soap opera is shot eight months in advance so there will be enough episodes when the show halts production at the end of November to last through summer 2020.

According to TMZ, "Days of Our Lives" has not been canceled, and may even bring everyone back but with lower salaries.