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"Chewbacca Mom" spends hilarious day at Facebook HQ with her inspiration

The "simple joy" just keeps coming for "Chewbacca Mom."

The "simple joy" just keeps coming for "Chewbacca Mom."

It's been less than a week since Candace Payne won the internet's heart with a Facebook Live video of herself enjoying the talking Chewbacca mask she picked up on a whim at Kohl's and she's been having the time of her life.

Not only was she surprised at her home by Kohl's representatives bearing more Chewbacca masks, more toys and gift cards, she has also made the rounds on the talk show circuit - both morning and late night. 

But it will be hard to top Candace's latest adventure.

Not only was the Texas mom of two a guest of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the social media giant's headquarters, she spent the day with the character that brought her so much joy.

Candace's original video has been viewed more than 146 million times in just six days, the most-viewed Facebook Live video in the technology's fledgling history. Nearly 3.3 million people have shared the video, which still remains good for a laugh.