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New technology could head off future school shootings

Experts say new camera technology could prevent incidents like some recent school shootings from happening.

INDIANAPOLIS — This year there have been more than 100 shootings on school grounds across the country, killing at least 40 people and injuring another 82 people, according to Every Town Research.

Now there is new camera technology that experts say could prevent incidents like this from happening.

It's called Threat Awareness Technology and the company Iterate.ai says it uses artificial intelligence in its program that scans and recognizes when a gun or weapon is sighted.

The program works similar to a highway toll camera that captures a license plate image of any car that travels past a toll booth. 

Experts said this technology allows for computers to scan 24/7 without the need of someone having to monitor a screen.

Once a gun or knife is in sight, the program will immediately alert the school and parents and initiate lockdown mode.

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"It will basically provide better alert systems and also will identify before someone enters the building, so there may be better methods to secure the doors and do lockdowns in classrooms and things like that," said Brian Sathianathan, a co-founder of Iterate.Ai. "So, I think it's very critical to identify why they're outside."

Right now the technology is being used by more than 3,500 commercial organizations across the country. The company is still working to partner with schools. 

No schools in Indiana currently use this specific technology, but the company is hopeful that will change in the next year.

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