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Mrs. Brinker shares spring break solutions for kids

With many Indiana schools heading for spring breaks, 13News Education Expert Jennifer Brinker provided a few ideas for fun and educational experiences.


Many schools in central Indiana are kicking off their spring breaks now, but COVID-19 precautions have more and more people exercising caution this year.  

Many parents are trying to come up with some fun and educational activities to fill the next few weeks, so 13News Education Expert Jennifer Brinker from Greenwood Middle School offered some tips with 13Sunrise weekend anchor Jalea Brooks:

Jalea Brooks: What is there to do in Indy in the next couple weeks?

Mrs. Brinker: Well, we all know that Indianapolis is home to some wonderful museums and the zoo, so I would suggest you check out some of those activities. The Children’s Museum, as always, has some wonderful exhibits. You can visit their website, click your child’s age and interests, and they will let you know the best day to visit. Additionally, our Indianapolis Zoo has its "Spring XZooberance" coming up. This festival will feature everything from fun animal chats, drum circles, and even yoga. You can visit the website to check it out and sign up. That will be the important part though, planning ahead. Museums and the zoo are not operating at full capacity, so it is more important than ever that you plan your visit ahead of time.

Jalea Brooks: What about some ideas for families who might not want to shell out cash for these admission prices?

Mrs. Brinker: They can be a little pricey sometimes. Honestly, kids enjoy doing activities that are out of the ordinary. There are tons of ideas for things you can do at home to make your break special. Break out the sidewalk chalk and create some art in your driveway. It will keep the kids busy for an afternoon and your neighbors will thank you. You can also do a nature walk at any of our beautiful state parks or in your very own backyard. Google some interesting scavenger hunts online so that you can print them off and have an adventure of your own. Kids will enjoy learning and finding some items that they might have never noticed before. 

Jalea Brooks: What about those rainy days that I'm sure we might have coming up during break? Any indoor activities? 

Mrs. Brinker: Well, COVID-19 has been awful. But one benefit is that there are more virtual field trips available than ever before. Log on to stellarium-web.org to take a journey through outer space or check out polar bears in the arctic tundra on discovery education.com. You can also feel good about having a good, old-fashioned movie marathon and work in some educational activities. Read a book, and then, watch the movie. You can eat snacks that are in both the book and movie. Compare and contrast what is the same and what is different afterwards, as well. Last but not least, with the March Madness tournament going on right here in Indiana, you could check out some cool features downtown during this time or simply fill out the bracket at home with your kids and enjoy some awesome basketball. 

Jalea Brooks: Final advice? 

Mrs. Brinker: Try to remember that these kids have had a really weird and stressful year. Try to make their break fun. This doesn't have to mean a trip to Disney World or the beach. They want to spend time with you and engage in something different from the ordinary.