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Mrs. Brinker: How to celebrate your child’s teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week

This is the week parents and students thank their educators.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Our 13News Education Expert is Jennifer Brinker, assistant principal at Greenwood Middle School. On Sunday, she shared gift ideas and tips for families as Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off.

Dustin Grove: What would you suggest that we do for teachers if we don’t want to break the bank?

Mrs. Brinker: At my school, students have nine class periods in a day and that can get expensive. The good news is that appreciation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Something as simple as a thank-you card or note written by your child would mean the world to the teachers. If you did want to do something small as a token of appreciation in addition to the note, find out their favorite drink or snack and send those in. If you aren’t sure what they like, you might reach out to the school secretary-they are the eyes and ears of a school and they might know. 

Dustin Grove: How about some ideas of what teachers would love if you are wanting to or able to spend a bit more money?

Mrs. Brinker: Gift cards are a wonderful idea. I know that sometimes people might feel that these are impersonal, but I will tell you that staff loves getting these to spend as they wish.  

Dustin Grove: Any specific gifts we should avoid?

Mrs. Brinker: I don’t think I’ve ever heard any teachers complain about being appreciated. I do know that I would avoid anything homemade as far as treats go. Even if your house is as clean as can be, COVID-19 makes that all a bit more concerning for staff and many people have specific dietary needs. I think one more mistake would be not including some very important staff members like teacher aides and special area teachers. Those art, music, PE teachers and librarians work hard and have all the kids in the school and they could use some thanks too.

Dustin Grove: Final thoughts?

Mrs. Brinker: I would encourage EVERYONE to celebrate teacher appreciation, even if you don’t have kids at the school. Teachers are helping build a better tomorrow, which benefits us all. I have been lucky that some local businesses in Greenwood like Abby’s Closet, the Teal Canary, Brian Leslie Salon, some direct sales reps from Doterra, Rodan and Fields, Scentsy, Mary Kay, and some former families have donated to our school some great items that staff can enter a drawing for. Please consider reaching out to your local school and seeing if they would like any help there. Also, we can appreciate teachers every day by supporting the hard work they do and being involved in your child’s education.

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