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Mrs. Brinker: Selecting your teacher's gift

Finding the perfect gift for your child's teacher can sometimes be difficult.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — The holiday season is upon us, and while you look for those special gifts for loved ones and friends, teachers are often on that list as well. But finding the perfect gift for your child's teacher can sometimes be difficult. WTHR Education Expert, Jennifer Brinker from Greenwood Middle School, broke down for us on 13Sunrise some of the best gifts you can give your teacher.

Matthew Fultz - WTHR: Mrs. Brinker, I know that parents would like some ideas for their child’s teacher at different price points, so what are some good ideas that won’t break the bank?

Mrs. Brinker: Teachers want to know that they are making an impact more than anything else. Take time to hand-write a card or note with why you are thankful for that teacher and what is great about being in his or her class. Another economic choice that some parents go with is food, but that can be a bit tricky because of allergies and dietary needs. If you want to get a treat, I would go for something store bought instead of homemade, as well.

Matthew Fultz-WTHR: What about an idea that is sure to please any teacher?

Mrs. Brinker: I say you can never go wrong with a gift card. Even a gift card for $5-$10 means so much. Places like Target and Amazon are favorites of teachers at my school. You might also want to consider what restaurants are near the school and might deliver there or pick up a Door Dash or Grub Hub giftcard. Most teachers don’t get the luxury of going out to lunch, but they would definitely enjoy having a treat delivered to them at school!

Matthew Fultz-WTHR: Any ideas for those out there who really want to wow their child’s teacher?

Mrs. Brinker: Try to find out what they really like and take the time to do a little investigating about what they enjoy. For the overworked teacher who doesn’t seem to have time for herself, a spa experience could be a wonderful gift. You can hit up the outlet mall in Edinburgh for some designer purses and jewelry at a majorly discounted price. Find out if your child’s teacher has any unfunded projects on Donors Choose, a website that teachers use to write proposals and grants that they’d like funded for their classrooms.

Matthew Fultz-WTHR: Any final tips?

Mrs. Brinker: Just knowing that a family has thought of you during the holiday season means so much. Don’t forget other important staff members at your child’s school. The classroom aides, secretaries, bus drivers, specials teachers…include as many people as possible this holiday season. They would absolutely appreciate it!

Watch Mrs. Brinker's full 13Sunrise segment in the video player.

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