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Democrats want more info on Daniels' arrest

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Roger Harvey/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, Aug. 17 - Democrats from the Statehouse and City-County Council say Mitch Daniels needs to release all information concerning a State Police drug raid in 1970.

"I think anytime there's an arrest, indictment and conviction that the voters of Indiana deserve to know the details of what went on," says Representative Ed Mahern (D - Indianapolis).

In the past Daniels has acknowledged his consumption of marijuana while a student at Princeton University led to an arrest, two nights in jail and a $350 fine.

Mahern believes, "For it to be passed off as he was simply smoking a marijuana cigarette doesn't fully tell the story."

Eyewitness News learned the police raid happened May 14, 1970 in Cuyler Hall room 111, a two-bedroom suite where Daniels was staying with two friends.

Newspaper accounts reported that in addition to marijuana, an undercover officer bought other drugs, including LSD, during numerous visits to the room over about a three-month period. Another officer later testified he found enough marijuana there to fill two size-12 shoe boxes.

Five months later, a grand jury indicted Daniels on two counts, marijuana possession and maintaining a nuisance. The nuisance was maintaining a room for the illegal keeping and selling of narcotic drugs.

Eventually the prosecutor agreed to drop those charges and Daniels' pled guilty to a disorderly persons charge.

Daniels says the fact Democrats are focusing on it now 34 years later speaks volumes. "I think you can see this for what it is. I suppose faced with their record I would rather change the subject too. But, I wouldn't change it to a personal attack on somebody."

Daniels says over the years he's gone through at least four criminal background checks and served two Presidents.

Ellen Whitt is Daniels' campaign spokeswoman. "He's been through several background checks, has had the highest security clearance you can have for a position in federal government. I think this is a pathetic personal attack."