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Three Broad Ripple businesses robbed in five days

The owners of a Broad Ripple clothing store hope a surveillance photo leads police to arrest a robbery suspect.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Police are looking for the robber who hit three Broad Ripple businesses in five days.

In a neighborhood known for unique shops, restaurants and big night life, business owners want the guy caught before someone gets hurt.

Detectives have only one photograph of the suspect and a not particularly specific description to go on. They suspect the same man is responsible for all three hold-ups, including the Teeki Hut tee shirt store Saturday afternoon, the Three Dog bakery Tuesday night and The Shop gift store early Wednesday night.

The suspect walked in and headed for the cash register. Store general manager Jordan Vickers’ sister was working alone.

“She said he had something wrapped that looked like a gun.” Vickers said. “It could have been a gun.”

According to Vickers, he took the cash and her cell phone, ordered the woman to the floor and before leaving, warned that someone was watching her.

“As a woman alone by herself, just to lay on the ground, you can’t see what’s happening, you can’t defend yourself. It’s terrifying," she said.

In all three robberies, the man targeted small stores with only one or two employees and no customers.

When he robbed the Teeki Hut in mid-afternoon, Campbell Robins’ employees were struck by his how brazen he was.

"Came in to the store mid-day on a weekend, when there were tons of people around. That’s probably the most alarming part of it,” Robins said.

Police are working with Broad Ripple business owners and their village association.

“We are all on the same page with catching the perpetrator,” said Colleen Fanning, BRVA's executive director and a city councillor.

“Broad Ripple is safe,” she insisted. “We are going to bring this guy to justice. We are continuing as a community to do everything we need to do."

Business owners are being told to be vigilant and to call 911 if they see anything out of the ordinary. Some stores are improving their video surveillance systems.

The Shop Indy posted the photo on Instagram Wednesday evening.

"Luckily, it's 2018 so he didn't end up with much cash. But we don't care about that. We're pissed that someone would endanger and threaten our employees lives for a couple of dollars," the post read.

The surveillance photo shows a man with his face covered standing in the doorway of the store.

"Please be safe Broad Ripple business owners," the post concluded.