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Thieves steal puppies in Georgia pet store break-in

Store owners say thieves stole two Goldendoodle puppies in a weekend break-in.
Two Goldendoodle puppies stolen from a Georgia pet store. (Janine's Noah's Ark Inc.)

MACON, Ga. (WMAZ) — The Bibb County, Georgia Sheriff's Office is looking to find who stole two pretty pricey pups over the weekend.

The owners of the Noah's Ark Pet shop on Hartley Bridge Road say somebody broke in and stole two female Goldendoodle puppies.

Each dog is valued from $1,500 to upwards of $3,000. They say they have no surveillance video of the break-in and therefore no description of the thieves.

But they say there have also been recent robberies at a Zaxby's and Subway in the same shopping plaza.