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UPDATE: Security guard shot outside bar; escapes serious injury thanks to bullet-resistant vest

A security guard was shot and wounded outside a northeast side bar Sunday and has his bullet-resistant vest to thank for possibly saving his life.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) A security guard was shot and wounded outside a northeast side bar Sunday and has his bullet-resistant vest to thank for possibly saving his life.

Eyewitness News reporter Carlos Diaz spoke to the security guard, Shawn Hall, on Sunday morning. According to Hall, one of the bar patrons, a 24-year-old male, became belligerent while at the bar Saturday night. "He was past his limit," as Hall put it, referring to how much the patron had to drink. Hall says the 24-year-old man was with a man in his early 40s who who claimed to be the 24-year-old’s uncle.

When Hall ran the 24-year-old's I.D. through the system, Hall found that he had two outstanding warrants. Hall told him about the warrants and asked him to leave so that he wouldn't get himself into more trouble.

The man reportedly started yelling, "If I'm a wanted man, why don't you shoot me, and you can make a case for yourself."

Hall said the older man then helped escort him our of the bar. Hall added that the older man was being very helpful in deescalating the situation. The three walked out to the parking lot together then the 24-year-old got into the driver’s side of his car, and his older friend got into the passenger side.

Hall watched the car pull around the back of the strip mall where the R&R Bar & Grill is, and he assumed at that point they were gone for the night.

As Hall was walking back to the club, he stopped to help two women fit their car into a parking space. While standing in that parking space, he turned around and saw the same 24-year-old in his car, just a few feet away, pointing a gun at him through the passenger side window, just in front of his older friend who was still in the passenger seat.

Hall says the 24-year-old belligerent patron fired two shots at him. One bullet his him dead center of the stomach, just below his rib cage, leaving a bad wound even though he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He said if he hadn't been wearing that vest, he likely would be dead.

After the shooting, Hall called 911 and he was taken to the hospital. He spent about 4 hours there and, thanks to the vest, had no internal injuries.

Ryan Jones, the club's manager, said they have surveillance video of the two men coming into the bar and leaving the bar, but there are no surveillance cameras in the parking lot so they don't have the shooting on camera. He pointed out, though, that the Walgreen’s directly next door does have several Hi-Def 360 degree cameras in their parking lot, which may have recorded the shooting.

Jones says he has three security guards on duty every night, adding that every patron is patted down and searched before they enter the bar. For that reason, Jones believes the belligerent patron had his gun in his car and not in the club.