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Security guard claims self-defense in shooting of Indianapolis woman

The Marion County prosecutor announced Melvin Hall II has been charged with murder for the Aug. 28 shooting death of Naytasia Williams.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County prosecutor announced Melvin Hall II has been charged with murder for the Aug. 28 shooting death of Naytasia Williams. 

“The murder of Naytasia Williams is tragic and deeply upsetting," prosecutor Ryan Mears said. “The prosecutor’s office intends to seek justice on behalf of Ms. Williams and her family.”

According to court documents, numerous pieces of evidence were recovered from the scene, including three 9mm fired cartridge casings.

The longtime security guard responsible for the shooting is speaking out to share his version of the shooting. Hall's company, Superior Tactical Response Agency, just started patrolling Towne and Terrace Apartments on the east side of Indianapolis. 

Hall claims when he shot and killed Williams, it was in self-defense. 

Hall is now being represented by Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Marc Lopez. 

Hall shared that Williams reportedly tried to run him and his employees over with her car. He also said his company suffered vandalism to three vehicles parked on the property, including one set on fire. There have not been any arrests in the vandalism.

Hall told 13News the apartment complex does not have any working security cameras on sight to show the vandalism or shooting Hall claims was self-defense. The autopsy report says Williams had three gunshot wounds.

13News previously spoke to Liberty Carnell, a passenger in the car when Williams was shot.

"He flashed the light and then shot three times. He never said 'get out, put your hands up, don't touch nothing.' He just shot in the car. She said, 'I am hit,' and she got out," Carnell said.

In video, the security guards order Carnell to the ground from the backseat of Williams’ car. She insists that Williams never took her gun from between the seat and center console.

Despite the shooting, Hall tells 13News east side residents welcome their patrols.

This is not Hall's first shooting case looked at by prosecutors. Dash cam video from March 2020 shows Hall exit his car while patrolling a property near 37th and Meridian streets. The video shows the trespasser pull a gun on Hall and Hall shooting back. Hall faced no charges in this case, and the trespass suspect survived the shooting. 

The guards working for Hall have dash cams and in some cases body cams. Hall shared with 13News the shooting happened so fast, he didn't have time to manually activate his body cam. 

Williams' family has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for her funeral. 

An initial hearing has not been scheduled yet. 

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