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Police union, community leader want new laws to fight Indianapolis violence

IMPD reports the city has seen a record-breaking 249 homicides in 2021.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis police union and a leader in the community are calling for new laws to address violence in Indianapolis.

IMPD reports the city has seen a record-breaking 249 homicides in 2021.

"It is embarrassing," FOP President Rick Snyder said. "Embarrassing to have to be calling and seeking help from the state level only because our local leadership refuses to take the necessary actions to intervene and prevent many of these tragedies."

Snyder and Rev. Charles Harrison with Indy Ten Point Coalition think some of the violence could be avoided if people accused of violent crimes are kept behind bars.

They want new laws that target the cash and bail bond system to make it harder for violent suspects to get out of jail. They are suggesting a law to stop automatic bond for repeat offenders, as well as one requiring judges and magistrates to review the probable cause affidavits, and not just the charge, when seeking a bond amount.

Credit: WTHR
Rev. Charles Harrison

Snyder said that will help with both undercharging and overcharging.

"It ensures fair charging and subsequent appropriate bond for the crimes that are being alleged," Snyder said.

Snyder said he's talked to leaders in the legislature and hopes some bills will be filed as a result. One hurdle is convincing lawmakers to make a statewide change for issues mostly impacting Indianapolis.

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