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Man exposes himself outside window of downtown Indy hair salon

The man, with a phone in his other hand, exposed himself for over two minutes.

INDIANAPOLIS — A security camera captured a man exposing himself outside a downtown Indianapolis hair salon Tuesday.  

Belinda Benham is the owner of Indie Mane Salon on Virginia Avenue in the Fletcher Place neighborhood. Tuesday at 5:10 p.m., Benham was working on a client’s hair in the salon when a man stopped at the patio outside her window.

"I come over here and I look around,” Benham said. “To my horror, he had pulled out his private part and was leaning on the fence and moving it around."

Another stylist was sitting in a chair out on the patio reading a book straight across from the man during the entire incident. But fortunately, she never looked up. She didn't see a thing.

"Thank goodness she was at a good part in her book because she did not see him,” Benham said. “She did not look up once. So, I'm so grateful that she did not notice him standing there, which I unfortunately did in my room."

The man, with a phone in his other hand, exposed himself for over two minutes. Benham called police before she went out on the patio and shot video of the man on her phone. He immediately walked away. She also got video of him driving away in a red Dodge truck with the license plate covered by a garbage bag. 

"I just cannot let this happen to someone else,” Benham said. “Because in a sense, I feel like that situation could be very embarrassing. But I'm not going to take the victim mentality. I don't care that I saw it. He's not going to do that to anyone else. And if I can help other people, that's my point."

Benham posted the man's photo on social media and has already received tips about his identity.

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