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Kentucky man arrested after hitting protester during march

James Hunton, 24, is facing first degree wanton endangerment charges.
James Hunton (Warren County Sheriff's Department)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Bowling Green, Kentucky man is behind bars after hitting a person during protests held in honor of Louisville’s Breonna Taylor and Minnesota’s George Floyd.

James Hunton, 24, is facing first degree wanton endangerment charges.

Police say protesters were actively protesting in front of the Bowling Green Police Department and the Warren County Regional Jail on Kentucky Street Friday night.

One of the northbound lanes was partially blocked and that’s when police say Hunton approached the group of protesters, slowing his speed but was seen by witnesses striking a female in the roadway with the front of his vehicle.

Police say the woman threw her hands up at Hunton in disgust after being struck. He allegedly bumped her a second time. According to officers, Hunton had plenty of room to merge into another lane to go around the protesters.

When his vehicle was stopped by police and asked if his vehicle struck them, he allegedly told officers “probably so – there were protesters blocking the *expletive* road, they deserved to be hit. Anybody would.”

The woman told police Hunton’s vehicle struck her two times in the torso and leg area. She said she had not serious injuries or visible marks.

Hunton is currently housed in the Warren County Jail.