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Northern Indiana teacher seen on video slapping student granted early retirement

The Jimtown High School teacher was barred from school grounds for striking the student, which was caught on school security cameras.
Credit: Baugo Community Schools via WNDU
Security video at Jimtown High School shows teacher Mike Hosinski confronting a student in the hallway on Feb. 25, 2022.

ELKHART, Ind. — A northern Indiana teacher who lost his job and was barred from school grounds after security video showed him slapping a student in a hallway has been granted early retirement.

(WARNING: The video in the player above may be upsetting to some viewers.)

According to a release from Baugo Community Schools in Elkhart Monday, Jimtown High School teacher Mike Hosinski confronted a student on Feb. 25 about a hooded sweatshirt the student was wearing in class. 

"A verbal exchange ensued in the school hallway and, inexplicably, the teacher struck the student in the face with an open-handed slap," the district wrote, describing the assault.

Security video released Monday shows a student wearing a dark gray hoodie and backpack walking down a hallway, away from the camera. Hosinski is then seen leaving a classroom and following the student, with two other people watching in the hallway. The teacher breaks into a jog as the student turns a corner and the video switches to a different camera. 

From the second camera, Hosinski is seen grabbing the student by the backpack and pushing them against the wall. The teacher stands over the student, pointing his left finger at the child before slapping him with his right hand.

The student's head struck the wall after the slap, causing visible injuries, the district reported. Hosinski then grabbed the student with both hands on the front of the student's sweatshirt and started to pull them down the hall, but the student fell to the ground. Hosinski made a gesture, pointing back toward the classroom from which he came, then walked off, turning briefly to shout toward an adult that had come out of a classroom and was tending to the student.

Medical staff treated the student as school administrators contacted the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office. Both agencies are investigating the incident.

(WARNING: The video below may be upsetting to some viewers.)

The district said Hosinski is no longer employed by Baugo Community Schools and is not allowed on school grounds.

"The safety of students attending Baugo Community Schools is our highest priority and greatest responsibility. When anyone, including a teacher, undermines that priority and responsibility, swift action must and will be taken to safeguard Jimtown students. Anything less cannot be tolerated," the district wrote.

According to WNDU, students at Jimtown High School participated in a walkout in support of Hosinski Monday morning, before the security video was released.

Monday night, an overflow crowd at the Baugo Community School Board meeting voiced support for the teacher, WNDU reported

“It happened. We’re not proud of it, but I still back Mike Hosinski,” said a parent.

Many at the meeting put at least some of the blame on the school administration.

“In my four years of being here, I have watched the discipline decline. Each year, students become more rebellious and treat our high school staff poorly,” said one student. “With proper administration, the situation could have possibly been prevented.” 

During the meeting, the board approved a retirement package for Hosinski, who has taught for 40 years, which includes full benefits and a pension.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story referenced the teacher was fired. We clarified the story to state he resigned with early retirement.

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