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Indy gunshot victim released from hospital, celebrates birth of son

Klayton Franklin is out of the hospital after surviving a shooting on Aug. 28, but he still has a long road to recovery.
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Klayton Franklin was wounded in a shooting at 9th & Chester last month.

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is out of the hospital but has a long road to recovery after surviving a violent shooting on the east side.

Klayton Franklin is a father and husband. Since the Aug. 28 shooting, Franklin has had concerns about caring for his wife and children, which now include a newborn.

"It feels bad to ask people to help with money so I can make sure my kids have food to eat," Franklin previously told 13News. "I am the provider in my family, and I can't work because I am now injured."

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Franklin's story of survival touched the hearts of several 13News viewers. Two of them blessed him with financial gifts after seeing his story on WTHR. After the shooting, Franklin pleaded for Hoosiers to stop the violence. He even wants to start speaking to youth groups about what happened to him to prevent other violent crimes.

Credit: WTHR
After surviving a violent shooting on Indy's east side, Klayton Franklin received financial gifts from 13News viewers who saw his story on TV.

Although he survived, will never forget the shooting that has changed his life. There are constant reminders, like the bullet holes in his SUV and the lasting injuries he's still dealing with. Because one of the bullets that hit him went through his face, he still eats blended food through a straw for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Franklin still has surgeries in the future. In addition to his physical challenges, he is also dealing with some post-traumatic stress related to the shooting. He has already scheduled some counseling sessions he hopes will help get him back to a normal night of sleep.

IMPD arrested 20-year-old Rayion Matthews for Franklin's shooting. The Marion County Prosecutor's Office charged him with battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun while having a previous felony conviction. Franklin told 13News he forgives the suspect but wants him held accountable.

"He didn't only change my life forever," Franklin said. "Now his life is messed up for a senseless shooting because of the way I looked at him as he drove by as we worked on our car."

It will be a while before Franklin can return to work to continue to provide for his children and wife, who is in school. That's on top of their new baby.

The people who mailed financial gifts for Franklin to WTHR are not the only people who want to help. He is also getting help from dozens who have already donated to his GoFundMe.

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