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Police union president calls for reform to pre-trial release procedures

FOP President Rick Snyder is speaking out again about what he calls the revolving door for offenders.

INDIANAPOLIS — The leader of Indianapolis' police union is calling for serious changes in how people are granted pre-trial release, especially people arrested for violent crimes. 

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86 President Rick Snyder is speaking out again about what he calls the revolving door for offenders, especially those released and re-arrested for violent crimes like murder.

"We were told that we are not releasing violent offenders, yet in the last two weeks we just saw two new cases of that," said Snyder. 

During a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Snyder cited the case involving Marcus Garvin, who was arrested in December 2020 for an accused stabbing. But while on GPS, Garvin reportedly killed his girlfriend on July 30. During his news conference against GPS early release, Snyder also used a white board to highlight the costs to show who is paying for the monitoring services and where the money goes. 

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There are other tragedies involving pre-trial, like the case involving Kendale Abel - released on GPS after his arrest for an alleged hammer attack on his fiancé, Ashley. Weeks later, police arrested Abel for allegedly shooting Ashley. It left her family devastated.

"You're telling me my sister's life was worth $2,000. Just about anybody can come up with $2,000," Chanel Richardson said.

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To stop pre-trial releases of other violent offenders, Snyder gave us a list of people he is calling on to help make changes.

"The criminal justice stakeholders, elected officials, faith community leaders, residents, and police representatives," Snyder said.

Snyder is also in the process of meeting with officials on the state level to address the early release issue in Marion County. 

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