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Glenn Hults sentenced to 3 years in deadly Richmond Hill blast

A judge sentenced Glenn Hults to three years in jail with two years to be served.
Glenn Hults

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A judge sentenced the final defendant in the Richmond Hill explosion Wednesday.

Glenn Hults received a three year sentence. Two years of the sentence will be executed and one year served on probation.

Hults gave a brief statement in court, which the judge criticized.

"I just want to say I'm sorry for all your losses. I do pray for your kids daily, and I hope this can bring some peace to your lives," Hults said.

But the judge said Hults was all about himself, and that Hults showed little concern or sympathy for victims in his short statement.

"It's really clear... that you just want this to have no impact on your life," the judge told Hults. "You know what you did... It's time to be a man and accept it."

Hults reached a plea agreement with prosecutors last month to avoid a trial.

Police arrested him in April of 2012 on charges of conspiracy to commit arson.

At the time, prosecutors said they believed he knew about the plot to blow up Monserrate Shirley's house.

The four other suspects in the case — Mark Leonard, Bob Leonard, Gary Thompson and Monserrate Shirley — have already been sentenced.

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