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Family: Mooresville student hit at bus stop suffered broken bones, skull fracture

Trinity Shockley, 15, is recovering at Riley Hospital for Children after being hit by an alleged drunk driver on Tuesday.

MOORESVILLE, Ind. — The last few days have been stressful for Angie Altmeyer and her family.

Her 15-year-old niece Trinity Shockley is recovering at Riley Hospital for Children after being hit by an alleged drunk driver on Tuesday while crossing the road to get to her school bus in Mooresville.

"The last couple of days Trinity has not slept. She's just been crying nonstop and screaming in so much pain. It's just unbearable," said Angela Altmeyer, Trinity's aunt.

Trinity's injuries include fractures to her arm, femur and skull, a small brain bleed and road rash.

"It's been scan after scan. On her first initial day there, she had a five-hour surgery and had to place a rod in her femur and her arm," Altmeyer said.

Trinity's dad, Tim, has been right there by her side trying to comfort her during this tough time. The pair share a special bond. Tim is a veteran and a single father.

"She's her dad's best friend. Those two are peas in a pod," Altmeyer said.

Credit: Angela Altmeyer

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Angie said, for her, what hurts the most is thinking about the alleged drunk driver, 35-year-old Michael Simpson, being out on bond. He's facing several charges.

"It's just really upsetting knowing he's out enjoying his day while my niece is sitting up here. My brother and my mom are just in misery," Altmeyer said.

Credit: Morgan County Jail
Michael Simpson

Altmeyer knows it's going to be a long road to recovery for Trinity. She created a GoFundMe to help with the mounting expenses. She hopes the support from the community will bring some relief to her family.

"This has really impacted our lives. It could always be worse. We are super grateful for where she is at. We appreciate the prayers and donations. We just hope that moving forward Trinity can find some relief and eventually be back to her normal peppy self," Altmeyer said.

Credit: WTHR/Rich Nye
A 15-year-old Mooresville student was hit by an alleged drunk driver Tuesday, Sept. 6 just before 7 a.m. near County Line Road and Indiana Street.

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