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Court docs show targets of threats made by Muncie student arrested with gun

Court docs show targets of threats made by Muncie student arrested with gun
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MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) — Court documents released by the Delaware County prosecutor show the events leading up to a student with a gun being arrested.

The documents released Monday explain what evidence will be used against the 15-year-old student.

The accounting begins earlier in the day on August 7. The documents show the school resource officer and assistant principal had asked the student to remove a red bandana he was wearing. The student was reportedly agitated by the conversations and was located repeatedly wearing the bandana later.

That student during his fourth period class told the teacher he would not do his school work. The reason he gave is that "he would not be here much longer."

The student then left the school.

He was arrested later, just off school grounds, after a former student visiting the school came across him outside.

He told the former student that he had "beef" with some people at the school and that he "might have to shoot some people." He also allegedly said that he had the gun with him inside the school earlier in the day.

That former student contacted the school resource officer and responding officers arrested the student.

On him they found a gun and two loaded clips with a total of 12 bullets.

According to court documents, his threats were targeted against an assistant principal, a teacher and a school resource officer.

The student is now facing four felony and two misdemeanor charges.