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Charges dismissed against 3 men in July 4, 2020, Lake Monroe fight

Sean Purdy and Jerry Cox II had faced charges of criminal confinement, battery and intimidation. Vauhxx Booker was originally charged with battery and trespassing.

MONROE COUNTY, Indiana — All three men involved in an incident at Lake Monroe on July 4, 2020, have had their charges dropped.

Sean Purdy and Jerry Cox II had originally faced charges of criminal confinement, battery and intimidation.

For his role in the incident, Vauhxx Booker was originally charged with battery and trespassing.

Booker claimed he was the victim of a racially motivated attack when he was held against a tree by Purdy at Lake Monroe in 2020. Much of the incident was caught on cellphone video. Booker, a Black man, said someone threatened to “get a noose” during the incident. That is never heard on any of the videos made public. According to court documents, Booker ended up with a mild concussion and bald spots on his scalp, along with a scratch on his cheek and an abrasion on his knee. 

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Purdy claimed Booker instigated the incident. Purdy told investigators with the Department of Natural Resources that Booker and others had been trespassing on private property earlier in the day (July 4, 2020). Purdy said he gave Booker a ride on his cart and explained to him where the property lines were located. 

Purdy said later on that day, he encountered Booker yelling and pointing at his girlfriend. When Purdy got between them, he said Booker punched him in the chin, which left a bruise.  

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Cox said he saw Purdy and Booker in a scuffle and ran over to them. Cox said Booker got up and punched him, leaving Cox with a black eye. Cox said he also punched Booker a couple times.

A collaborative attempt to resolve the case was eventually reached between all parties. That included the three discussing what happened, how to repair the damage and then move forward. It also included the three writing letters about what they had learned and those being released. Purdy's and Cox's letters discuss how the incident impacted their lives, what they have learned and how to move forward. Booker's letter discusses the restorative justice concept.

13News learned Purdy, Cox and Booker completed their requirements under the restorative justice agreement, and a judge dropped all charges against the three.

Booker was later charged in another case with battery against an IMPD officer after a separate incident at an Indianapolis bar on Sept. 5, 2021.That is still an active case with a pretrial conference scheduled for June 7.

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