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Check Up 13: Colon cancer kits begin detection at home

Rosalyn Kimbrough is battling late-stage colon cancer.

INDIANAPOLIS — Looking back, Rosalyn Kimbrough knows she took her eye off her health. The 66-year-old beloved sister, mother, and grandmother in Indianapolis is now battling late-stage colon cancer.

"In 2017, my husband died, and I just kind of dropped the ball. I should have been getting a colonoscopy...and here I am in stage 4," Kimbrough said.

She has chemotherapy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday every other week. In between treatment, Kimbrough works to get her endurance back.

"I've changed my diet, I do four laps around the basketball court," Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough has a strong faith and a large family helping her with her food, exercise, and doctor's appointments. She is eager to encourage others to pay attention to their colon health and not get behind on their screenings.

Colon cancer can be prevented by removing polyps before they progress to cancer. A colonoscopy is the gold standard screening, and a baseline is recommended for adults 45 and older. Once you have a baseline, the time between screenings will vary based on your results and risk factors.

Home test kits can detect if there is blood in the stool and if a colonoscopy is warranted.

Credit: WTHR
A colon cancer home test kit.

Kimbrough said taking the time now may mean you have more time later.

"I'm not going to complain. I'm just going to keep fighting. I'm not going to lie down," Kimbrough said.

For Check Up 13 this month, Ascension St. Vincent is offering a limited number of colon cancer kits to people who qualify on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more by clicking here.