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Alabama football parent group works to bridge the gap for players

The group travels to every game to support the team and also supports parents by stepping in whenever a current or former player's parent can't be there.
Credit: WTHR
AFFA President Ramona Harris and Vice President Kershtan Hasberry.

INDIANAPOLIS — As we prepare for kickoff Monday night for the College Football Playoff National Championship, 13News got a behind-the-scenes look at what some call the heart and soul of the Alabama team.

"We are not just family, we are 'Bamily,'" said Alabama Family Football Association president Ramona Harris. 

Harris and AFFA Vice President Kershtan Hasberry are all about the Crimson Tide.

"I'm going to be 'Roll Tide' for life," said Harris.

Their sons both play for the University of Alabama football team.

"Never in a million years did I think I was going to have 135 sons," said Harris.

They are members of a committee made up of parents of players that make up the AFFA. The group's goal is to bridge the gap between the players, the parents, and the school.

While the players are taken care of on the field and in the classroom, AFFA works with the University of Alabama Associate Director of Recruiting Operations Ashleigh Kimble to take care of everything else.

"When a player goes down, she's texting one of us, 'Do you see so and so's mom?' We are on the phone looking around and we make sure we get that parent on the field, so they can go back in the locker room and see what's going on with their kids," said Hasberry. 

Not only do they travel to every game to support the team, but they also support parents by stepping in whenever a current or former player's parent can't be there.

"You need that connection of a momma, daddy, auntie, uncle who has that moral foundation to make sure you're doing the right thing and making the right decisions," said Harris. 

Win or lose, they believe this is more than about football. 

"I need you to be a champion in life. I need you to be a champion and successful off the field," said Harris.

While in town, AFFA was also presented special "BEAST" shirts by host Andre "The Beast" Crayton and his team and Scott Semler with ASG Unlimited.