New York teen fatally stabbed while dozens watched and some filmed on their phones

Police investigate a fatal stabbing at a Long Island pizza shop. (NBC New York photo)

A Long Island teenager was stabbed to death during a fight in a strip mall parking lot and dozens of kids stood by and filmed it all on their cell phones, according to police.

Nassau County police told reporters they are reviewing videos of Monday's brawl which were posted on social media.

According to police, what started as a fight over a girl ended in the death of 16-year-old Khaseen Morris.

Nassau County Police Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said at a press conference Tuesday that the fight was prompted by Morris being seen previously with another boy's girlfriend.

Fitzpatrick said six or seven males attacked Morris and his friends outside a strip mall in Oceanside, New York, while between 50 and 70 other teens stood by and watched.

"Kids stood here and didn't help Khaseen. They would rather video this event. They videoed his death instead of helping him," Fitzpatrick described.

Khaseen's sister, Keyanna Morris, spoke to reporters Tuesday and made a heart-wrenching plea for justice, CBS New York reported.

"Everyone loved him and everyone loved him" Keyanna Morris described to reporters.

While some of the teens who witnessed the attack have come forward already, Det. Lt. Fitzpatrick is urging anyone who may have seen something to "do the right thing for Khaseen."

"This can't go on. Your friends are dying while you stand there and video it. That's egregious," Fitzpatrick said.

Police said Tuesday they are gathering evidence before making arrests.

Another teen suffered a fractured arm and head injuries in the parking lot brawl, investigators said.

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