New project at Newfields takes aim at food insecurity

300 joined for a meal at Newfields in a project aimed at raising awareness of food insecurity. (WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Newfields is starting a new project to raise awareness about food insecurity.

On Saturday, 300 people from across the city gathered around a 400-foot table for a community meal.

They talked about how to correct racial bias in housing, which they believe is part of the problem with access to fresh food.

"We really have to go farther back to see why were in this situation where people don't have access to quality food, and a lot of that is historical ways we built our cities, using issues such as redlining African America and other communities were not allowed to get mortgages or other funding to support their neighborhood, and we live with ramifications of that," said LaShawnda Crowe, community-based artist.

A local chef known as the "food architect" prepared a three course meal.

To learn more about this issue, there is a panel discussion on Thursday as part of Newfields' harvest festival.

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