A new 'less edited' version of Anne Frank's diary is set to be released

Image is of Anne Frank's diary. (NBC News)

Germany (WTHR) — A friend of Anne Frank's said a new translation of her diaries is the version that Frank herself would want the public to read.

Laureen Nussbaum, a Holocaust survivor, said the earlier editions of Frank's diary were heavily edited by her father.

The new version called, "Liebe Kitty" or Dear Kitty, is an incomplete manuscript of a girl who wanted to become an author.

"This is the book that Anne wanted to write and to publish. The diary that we have read all the time (for so long) was Mr. Frank's (Anne's dad) amalgam of the original diary entries with the new version," Nussbaum said.

Anne Frank died at a concentration camp in 1945 when she was 15. Her diary was first published two years later and translated into 60 languages.