New lawsuit filed in State Fair stage collapse


13 Investigates has learned one of the first lawsuits has been filed against Sugarland and at least a dozen other companies that were part of the concert and the set up at the State Fair on August 13th.

The 16-page lawsuit is filed on behalf of 47 victims of the collapse, including the estates of four of the seven people killed. This lawsuit stands apart because it does not include the State of Indiana.

Instead, it goes after Sugarland, Local 30 whose members put up the stage, Mid-America Sound who owned the stage, and others associated with the concert lighting and production.

Tony Patterson, one of the 22 attorneys representing these victims, says there just isn't enough money to cover the extensive damages suffered by the families of those who died nor those catastrophically injured.

So in addition to the public donations disbursed Monday and the ongoing negotiations over the State's $5 million liability fund, this is the third step in trying to collect damages.

Patterson says medical bills for people like Jaymie Polet, Bradley Humphries who was paralyzed and others are well into the millions of dollars already.

This lawsuit also seeks damages for the families of Nathan Byrd, Glenn Goodrich, Jennifer Haskell and Meagan Toothman, all of whom were killed in the collapse, citing wide-spread failures not only in the design of the stage but failing to have an adequate emergency response plan.

The lawsuit was filed today in Marion County. It also names the company that was supposed to monitor weather conditions, saying the victims were not warned or advised of approaching weather conditions.

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