New Jersey police catch panhandler with new iPhone, $500 purse

Police caught a woman in New Jersey asking people for cash, even though she was not in need. (Photo: Township of Union Police Department)

UNION TOWNSHIP, N.J. (WTHR) — Police in New Jersey are encouraging people to be skeptical about giving money to people on the side of the road after a woman admitted to scamming people out of their cash.

The Township of Union Police Department gave the message on its Facebook page.

Police say officers saw the woman walking in and out of traffic asking for money while holding a sign that said, "I have 1 baby. Please in the name of God help me to buy baby stuff and diapers." The sign also had a photo of an infant on it.

Police noticed the woman had an iPhone X, jewelry and a $500 purse. She eventually admitted she and others had been dropped off around the state to panhandle.

Police gave her a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic and she got a summons for soliciting without a permit.

They suggested calling officers if drivers ever see someone on the side of the road who looks to be in need of help.

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