New Jersey environmentalists return to Franklin for more testing


FRANKLIN, Ind. (WTHR) - A new round of testing is underway in Franklin.

Environmentalists from the Edison Wetlands Association in New Jersey are back in Indiana to test homes for vapor intrusion.

It's been almost 4 months since EWA first showed up in Johnson County back in June to begin testing for contamination with the help of Mundell and Associates.

The crews are revisiting some of the same homes that showed high detections of the carcinogens TCE and PCE.

The Clark family and another home owner had asked the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to do follow up testing alongside Mundell and Associates, but the split testing never happened.

"This is an ongoing problem. We really don't know the full extent of it and at the present rate and the way this is being done and it's done in a way that's totally unscientific," said Bob Spiegel, Executive Director of Edison Wetlands Association.

EWA and the grassroots group "If It Was Your Child" will also host a community session on Thursday evening at 6:15. The 90-minute meeting will be held at the Indiana FFA Center, at 6595 South 125 West, in Trafalgar.