New Greenwood ordinance to crack down on crime-ridden hotels

Police are cracking down on crime at hotels and motels in Greenwood. (WTHR/Jennie Runevitch)

Greenwood, Ind. (WTHR) – There's a new plan in effect to crack down on crime-ridden hotels in Greenwood.

It's a story our 13 investigates team has been covering for more than a year.

After reports of drug raids, warrant arrests and prostitution at seven different hotels.

Now the city's passed an ordinance to put bad businesses on notice.

So far this year, Greenwood police made at least 327 runs to those problem areas.

This new ordinance uses simple math to fix the problem.

If the number of police call-outs is twice the number of hotel rooms, they're put on probation.

And if those numbers don't drop or there are more violations, hotels lose their license.

This new ordinance takes effect immediately and it's an issue 13 Investigates will continue to track.