New Castle woman hands out $25 gift cards to Walmart customers in act of kindness


NEW CASTLE, Ind. (WTHR) — In times of uncertainty and new routines, a New Castle woman is trying to spread kindness.

Brenda Howe-Grider collected donations from her family and friends in hopes of buying gift cards to give back.

"My goal was to raise $500 which I exceeded I went to Walmart and bought 40 $25 gift cards," she wrote in a Facebook post.

On Tuesday morning, she went to Walmart when many senior citizens were there.

"As they checked out at the register I randomly went up and handed the cashier a $25 gift card to take off their bill," Howe-Grider wrote.

She said customers were crying and smiling and very appreciative.

"If you have an elderly neighbor or a neighbor with children who really shouldn’t be getting out at this time, go knock on their door or call them and ask them if they need you to pick something up for them," she wrote. "Call them and check on them ask them how there day is going. Let’s make some good in a bad situation that we’ve all been placed in."

Howe ended on a funny note saying "God Bless you and stop buying up all the toilet paper."

She's asking that others participate in their own acts of kindness and share the photos with her.