Nearly a dozen cars hit by burglars in Greenwood neighborhoods


GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) - Police in Greenwood are searching for suspects in the break-ins of nearly a dozen cars over the weekend.

In some cases, the culprits broke out windows to get their hands on cash and credit cards.

One of the victims was a military veteran, hit on Veterans Day.

It’s a relatively new neighborhood where residents are still getting to know each other. It was actually through the Nextdoor app and Facebook that they realized cars were being targeted, one by one.

"Oh yeah, there's glass all through it," said Matt Newport, who woke up to discover the damage.

“If it's some kids, they're experienced kids." His wallet, credit cards and headphones were taken from his truck.

"I was like ‘oh crap’ and then the closer I get, there's glass everywhere and my window's on the other side of my driveway. I mean it shattered. The tint tape is the only thing holding it together."

Police say Newport was one of about a dozen people hit by criminals in two neighborhoods off Worthsville Road. Five of the crimes happened Saturday, Veterans Day.

Matt Newport is in the Indiana National Guard.

"My patch is on the roof of my truck with my Newport nameplates and my US Army dog tags are in the cup holders so they had to have known before they got out of my car, but I don't think that mattered to them."

Newport's neighbors got hit too.

"My console was ransacked,” said Kaylie Farrell. “My wallet was missing."

Her purse was strewn across a neighbor's yard. "That's all my stuff."

The thieves stole hundreds of dollars in gift cards from the Farrell's vehicle, and police hope that may be their undoing. One card was used yesterday at a Kroger off English Avenue. Detectives are working to get surveillance video of the transaction.

Neighbors have a message for the thieves: this community won't stand for crime.

"Why, what's the point? Get a job, honestly,” Newport said.

Farrell agreed.

“I mean, if you needed help, there's help out there. There's people out there that are willing to help people in need. Just please stop going through and taking stuff that isn't yours."

The hope for police and neighbors is that these criminals were caught on camera. A couple of houses have doorbell-mounted cameras on their homes while has surveillance cameras on the garage.

If you can help, call Greenwood police.

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