NBC's summer hit 'The Night Shift' is back


The new season of NBC's medical drama "The Night Shift" began last Wednesday, and for the cast that means another season of fake blood and fake guts.

Replicating the feel of an emergency room on "The Night Shift" means getting the look just right.

"A lot of medical shows will do like a cut and then cutaway from the actual procedure, we dive into it. You're seeing our hands and what we're doing," says Robert Bailey, Jr.

And they're doing it in all its graphic glory.

"The fine line is, you don't want to completely gross people out and turn them away, but you want to ride that line," adds Scott Wolf.

It's a line ridden with the help of a special effects team that creates dummy patients and puppetry pumps for body parts such as hearts.

"The Night Shift" airs tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern, right after a new episode of "American Ninja Warrior".

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