NBA star's mom brings message of recovery to Cicero clinic


In Part 2 of Eyewitness News Anchor Andrea Morehead's meeting with Jolinda Wade, the mother of NBA star Dwayne Wade, she visited a treatment center in Cicero that provides support, hope and natural treatment for opioid addiction that patients say is working to keep them clean.

"Dwyane said, 'You go mom, because the only thing your story is going to do it's gonna help somebody,'" Jolinda said.

Her son believes it's important for her to tell the truth about opioids.

"When I met heroin, oh my God, we became real good buddies. Immediately I was hooked on that first toot," she said.

Jolinda Wade has been clean for the past 16 years after a long drug addiction battle and time in jail as Dwyane was growing up. She eventually beat it and several potential overdoses, she says, thanks to her faith.

"I knew it had to be the Lord that woke me up," Wade said.

Now she spreads that message of hope and healing from addiction around the nation, including Indiana, in Cicero at the Emerald Neuro-Recover Center. The center uses an all-natural approach to drug and alcohol dependence and addiction.

In April, I met with A.J., Greg, and Michael, who are still clean after receiving the NAD I-V therapy treatment which they say restored their brain and took away their drug cravings.

The red in imaging of the brain before therapy shows a brain with addiction and a picture of the brain after the treatment where the brain is now normalized.

A current patient says, "You can just feel it working. I mean, the second they put it in my arm, it's like toxins are like getting taken out of your body."

It's success stories like those that keep Jolinda spreading the word to warn others to know the warning signs when prescription drug use turns into abuse.

She also wants addicts to quickly get help so you never have to find "Divine Grace Behind The Walls," which is a book written she’s written about her experience of drug addiction and recovery - or death.

"Don't give up. As long as we don't give up the fight there is a chance to come out," Wade said.