National Adoption Day makes Indiana families whole

Amber Hedges brought her four children with her to see the adoption of their new younger sister Everly Caroline. (WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — In courts across the state Friday, children found their forever families as part of National Adoption Day.

In Marion Couny, Eyewitness News watched as seven children, ages two to twelve, all walked into court together.

Grandparents Pamela Gable and James Brown want to keep their grandchildren together.

"They need us. We need to keep them together. They have each other and they have us," Gable told the judge.

"We adopted the first five now these two came along. We want to keep them all together. She is the sweetest one there," Brown added.

The judge granted them all their wish.

"It's pure joy," Judge Victoria Ransberger said.

"During foster care they were all separated for two years. We've got them back together. We are a really close family and we plan on staying that way," Pamela Gable said.

A similar scene played out in Hamilton County Superior Court.

Amber Hedges brought her four children with her to see the adoption of their new younger sister Everly Caroline.

"I have had Everly since she was two days old. Been in foster care for 587 days but it's a beautiful day," Hedges said.

The Hedges family has now expanded to five ranging in age from 19 months to 19 years.

Adoption Attorney Grant Kirsh who handled around 30 of the adoptions in Hamilton County put the day in perspective.

"This is the day. This is the day for families. Especially for foster families. The can languish in the system for years," Kirsh said.

At the end of Friday, 26 children were adopted in Marion County and more than one hundred in Hamilton County.

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