Naloxone giveaway participants help researchers gather lifesaving data


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Earlier this week, we told you about a Narcan giveaway in Hamilton County.

Ordinary citizens learn how to use Nalaxone and take it home to potentially save a life.

This program is happening in counties across the state and now we're getting a clearer picture of how many people have used those doses.

Neighbors who attend the giveaways are given a postcard that they can send in anonymously if they use Naloxone on someone having an overdose.

Researchers from IU Health are tracking it all.

They only expected to get a handful of postcards back but have received about 100 so far.

The most came from Delaware, Fayette and Scott Counties.

"We've gotten cards back from people who've saved a life,” said Dennis Watson, IU Fairbanks School of Public Health. “We've gotten cards back from the people who've actually had their life saved because people again will write 'this saved my life’ on the cards, ‘thank you.’ We've gotten those written in the margins."

Researchers are using the information to understand the experiences of Hoosiers who use Naloxone and ultimately to prevent overdose deaths.