Mushroom hunters find human remains in Anderson park

Police are probing this area of River Bend Park after the discovery of skeletal remains. (WTHR photo)

ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) - Police in Anderson are trying to identify several human bones discovered in a park near the White River.

A father and son hunting for mushrooms Wednesday morning found them in some tall grass along a muddy trail in River Bend Park on the city's northwest side.

“It’s scary definitely, especially with that boy being with him," said a person using the park

Police also found some personal items nearby, including identification.

"It's too early to say whether the remains are the same person that we found the ID. Can't match them up positively at this point with the ID that we found," said Anderson Police Major Joel Sandefur.

Police emphasized that the identification card found has not been linked with the human remains. The identification is that of a person who has been reported missing. Police will likely check for dental records in an effort to make identification.

“Been missing for about five months," said Sandefur. He added that it was too early to tell if foul play was suspected in that case.

Also near where the body was found was a tent with posts and struts. Part of it is worn away but not too badly. One of the difficult things about the scene is the way debris is scattered. That’s due to flooding off the river.

“The remains were scattered a little bit,” Sandefur said.

Hollie Kirk was in the park along the river with the kids late Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s pretty terrifying, honestly. Scary. I don’t know what the situation was but it’s pretty scary," said Kirk.

Because Riverbend Park is a place for families.

“We come back here, we walk, run an RC car once in a while, ride bikes,” said another local dad in the park with his wife and son. But after Wednesday’s find, the dad told us it’s “kind of concerning because my son rides bikes on these trails all the time. I think I’ll be with him from now on.“

“It’s definitely scary. I wouldn’t want to put myself into a situation like that,” said another young woman out with two friends for a walk.

“I really hope it’s natural causes and not something violent because that would be even more scary,” said Kirk. “I don’t even like my kids going to the next street to play very often because of how crazy it’s gotten around here.“

If you have information call Anderson police.

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