Muncie schools’ security video now linked to 911 call center


MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) - The Delaware County Emergency Communication Center now has the capability to monitor every security camera in every school in Muncie.

Supervisor Cory Gunter demonstrated the live feed Thursday afternoon at the 911 call center in Muncie.

Gunter has access on a computer monitor to a live feed from over 200 different security cameras in the Muncie school system.

Dispatchers are busy 24 hours a day answering 911 calls. The school video feed will only be monitored when an emergency arises.

"We can be able to tell our officers what they're walking into,” said Gunter. “Say there is an intruder that goes into the school, we can pull up the camera system. We can follow them throughout their entire walk in the school. We can tell what room they went into. What hallway they were last seen in."

"It will shorten response time,” said Muncie school board president Jim Williams. “Any time you have the visual component in the 911 center that can be activated and transferred to audio as well, you immediately have a quicker response time."

Every elementary school has at least eight cameras, audio sensors and panic buttons. Muncie Central High School leads the way with 89 security cameras, 34 audio sensors and three panic buttons.

"We also have panic buttons in our school system that automatically link up to the 911 center audio,” said Williams. “We have the visual coverage and connectivity audio once the panic button is touched that automatically notifies 911."

The system removes the school from needing to act as middleman between dispatchers and first responders in an active shooter or other emergency response situation.

"The suspect is walking down this hallway going to this room. I can relay all that within seconds to the officers, instead of having to relay through the school and one of the school administrators,” said Gunter.

Dispatchers hope they never see a school shooter in the video on their computer screen. But they are ready to respond in Muncie.