Much Colder Temperatures Moving In


Happy Sunday!

The cold front has passed through Central Indiana and now temperatures are on the downward trend. We already achieved our "high" temperature for the day around 3am hitting 59°. Winds have shifted and cooler air is taking over.

We're already running over 20° cooler than where we were 24 hours ago in some spots.

Temps stay steady in the lower 50s this afternoon. Good news is the widespread morning rain will wrap up, leaving cloudy skies with just a few stray showers for the remainder of the afternoon.

As arctic air takes over during the overnight... any leftover moisture will begin to transition from the liquid to frozen form as temps approach the freezing mark. This will happen around 4am.

As we get into the morning drive, temperatures hold steady just below freezing keeping the chance of scattered snow showers in the forecast.

We're not looking at a widespread, impactful snow tomorrow, but rather just some light snow showers and much cooler temperatures.

Road temperatures right now are WELL above freezing in the 70s, so most of this snow will melt on impact. Some roads might be wet in the morning so plan ahead for that.

Temps struggle to reach 40° tomorrow afternoon with skies remaining mainly cloudy with a stray rain/snow shower possible.

A few more bands of snow will be possible Monday evening before moisture completely exits during the overnight into Tuesday morning. Another night with temps near freezing before our temperatures moderate on Tuesday afternoon.

We'll still be about 10° below average Tuesday with highs in the lower 50s, but the 60s make their return by Wednesday.

Minus some scattered rain showers Wednesday and Thursday, we're mainly dry over the next work week.