Mt. Vernon school buses going high-tech with Wi-Fi, tracking program

(Photo: Mt. Vernon Community Schools Corporation)
School bus safety
Mt Vernon bus improvements

FORTVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - A central Indiana school bus fleet is about to go high-tech.

The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation announced big changes to its school buses Monday, including external cameras, Wi-Fi and a smartphone app that will let parents know exactly when the bus is coming.

The school district says buses that run in high traffic areas will get the cameras, which will start recording when the buses stop arm is activated. If a car passes the bus with the stop sign out, the driver will report the incident and video will be pulled for police to look at.

"This new security measure will, first and foremost, help keep Mt. Vernon students safe," the district said.

Two buses already have the cameras installed. The other buses who travel in high traffic areas will have cameras by the end of the school year.

Also by the end of the year, each bus will have Wi-Fi capabilities for students to access during their bus ride. School devices will still be filtered by school filters, the district said, regardless of where the bus is located.

Parents will also be aided by a program called "Here Comes The Bus." The app (or accompanying website) allows parents to see in real-time where their child's bus is. This will allow students to stay inside until their bus is near.

"Mt. Vernon students will no longer have to wait for their bus in adverse weather conditions," the district said.

Three school buses have already installed the program, with more buses being added over the next two months until the entire fleet is able to be tracked. Parents will be notified when their child's bus is activated.