MSNBC visits Shapiro's Deli downtown for primary coverage


Yet another sign of the many eyes on Indiana this week, a crew from MSNBC set up at Shapiro's Deli in downtown Indianapolis to broadcast live election coverage.

Crews from the network started setting up at the Hoosier favorite on Tuesday. MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin was there, along with an elaborate set up of lights, monitors, an audio system and other equipment. 

MSNBC took some shots of Shapiro's classic pastrami sandwich.

A good lunch crowd gathered to watch, including an interfaith group of Muslims and Christians who believe Indiana should play a big role in national politics. 

"What we've found is that when change happens in the Midwest, it resonates all over the country, because we are considered the conservative center," said Franklin College Professor David Carlson from Shapiro's on Wednesday. 

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz visited the deli last week to meet with supporters. 

The crew was only in Indy for a few hours, but a tweet from one of the anchors implies they might be back next week to cover the Indiana primary.