'Move Over' event aims to raise awareness

Move Over Awareness events help keep road workers safe. (WTHR file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It’s the second annual Move Over Awareness Event at the Indiana State Fair Ground from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday.

The Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association organized the event for “all entities covered by the Move Over law.” The family event is free to the public and taking place Saturday which is National Move Over Awareness Day.

One of the sites visitors will find is the “Touch a Truck” exhibit featuring “various vehicles covered by the Move Over law.”

Giesler says last year the Indianapolis Fire Department “was able to have their ladder truck and give rides to public.”

But the purpose is to raise awareness about a life and death matter that impacts all who travel or work on roads.

“It’s dangerous working roadside. Too many people are being struck and killed nationwide,” said Bart Giesler, Executive Director of Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association. Giesler says that pain is the motivation behind the event.

“I have had conversations with members who themselves or had drivers struck or nearly struck – and you can tell it impacted them,” added Giesler.

He said most members of the Indiana Towing and Wrecker Association “have been in a stopped vehicle and another vehicle goes flying by and the car that you were in shakes from the wind turbulence. Now imagine that – and you are not in the vehicle. Now add the fact that it may be a situation with limited visibility – poor road conditions – or distracted driver. We are simply asking for the courtesy you would want if your car broke down and you were changing the tire – people to slow down and move over.”

For more information on Indiana’s Move Over Law you can visit this link.

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