Mothers chime in on gift ideas


You have just a couple more days to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. But if you're out of ideas, you can always get what the surveys say are hot gifts for mom this year.

There's always the old standby, flowers, but some women told Eyewitness News what mothers really want.

One family of women on their way to lunch downtown believe they have the best Mother's Day gift ideas down to a science.

"I did hint to may daughter that I would like dad to get bedding plants and a nice card," Lori Burke said.

On choosing gifts for mom, even when it comes to flowers, some surveys differ.

"We sell a lot of corsages," said Michelle, who works at McNamara Flowers.

A recent survey called "Price Grabber" names flowers as most popular, followed by gift cards, jewelry, cosmetics and spa packages. However, for one of our most experienced mothers, family time ranks high.

"The older I get, the more I really, really appreciate that family time," said Shirley Love.

For moms who have hinted about the perfect gift, etiquette expert Christie Herron says to spell out your wishes.

"Write down a wish list of what it is she would like to have for Mother's Day and perhaps share that list with her children, as well as her spouse," Herron said.

In another survey, mothers with kids under 18 rank their wanted gifts as "spa day, flowers, jewelry and a tablet or smartphone." For kids like Katie Love, there's even more.

"One year, I made my mom breakfast in bed. I think that is a good idea that kids can do," she said.

The mothers we spoke to say they also like breakfast away from home, at a place like The Northern Kitchenette. Many Mother's Day reservations can fill up fast, so act now.

And advice for the men who are still shopping?

"I think they need to listen," Shirley Love said.

Mothers, don't forget to at least drop them a hint.

Many local flower shops will be open on mother's day for the really last minute shopper. is also offering free shipping on gifts for mom.