Mother who turned son into police talks


Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, Feb. 10 - "It was the right thing to do." Leslie Bradley explained why she turned in her 15-year-old son, now accused of murdering 22-year-old Paul Abron.

It's something the teenager's mother said she had to do. "The only thing I could do is make my son step up and answer for what he did."

On Tuesday, February 7 around midnight, Abron picked up the teenager and drove to a liquor store at 30th Street and Dr. A. J. Brown. Detectives claim Abron planned to sell the 15-year-old marijuana. But police say the teenager shot and killed Abron, trying to rob him.

Someone flagged down a passing police officer about a man down at 30th Street and Arsenal, a block away. Officers found Abron dead.

According to this probable cause, detectives retrieved a cell phone from Abron's pocket showing the last call to the teenage suspect.

Indianapolis Police Detective Todd Lappin questioned the teenager about Abron's death, but he denied everything.

But the teen's mother knew better. "It was at that point I said, 'Okay, he is not telling the truth.'"

Leslie conducted her own investigation and then made the tough decision to surrender her son to police and eventually juvenile detention.

The 15-year-old told his mother he shot Abron to save his own life. "He told me that he was sorry that it happened. But he didn't have a choice. It was self defense."

During his first juvenile court hearing Friday afternoon the judge ordered the 15-year-old to stay in custody and prosecutors motioned to move his case to adult court.